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    I was bored so I made these. I think they turned out pretty cool. (PS here have some vocaloids) Neru Akita Icon Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) Miku and Luka (Brofist) [V1] Megurine Luka (Agrees) [V1] Kaito avatar Len avatar Icon Rin Kagamine Smiling by akiochan5302 Teto Wave - Small   
Basically tomorrow you dress up as your favorite artist. I have chosen Josh Dun and my friends has chosen Jungkook (her bae and bias) and I was gonna go a s rapmon (my bae) but I didn't really have anything that fits him. So I chose my 2nd bae Josh and I will be wearing the eye makeup, fake tattoos, TOP shirt, Converse, MCR wristbands, and a backwards hat. I'm actually pumped for tomorrow and honestly can't wait.
Triggered Triggered Triggered Triggered Triggered           

Ok so I am seriously getting tired of people thinking that if someone ever calls them out, they say that person is racist. Example, a few weeks ago in choir a girl of color was talking and the teacher called her out for it. The second the teacher turned around she just went "UMG I CAN'T BELIEVE SHE WUD DO THAT 2 ME SHE IS SO RACIST!1!!" well, not like THAT but you get my point. If the teacher were really racist, she would have said racist slurs, and probably wouldn't even let you be in the room. Trying to pull the race card is so dumb because we don't play that black and white shit anymore. I think she's forgetting how people of color were actually treated, because if you compare dying because of your skin color, and getting called out in choir for talking, it's SO fucking stupid. I personally am not a person of color, but even I got a little bit mad because of those who were, and had their lives taken! Anyways, I just thought I'd rant about this. Bye guys!La la la la I am a dummy! DeviantArt 
This is something that I would like to tell the internet before I can come out to my parents. I am bisexual. I am 13-almost 14, yes, but I am bisexual. I have felt sexual attraction to both women and men and those are my honest feelings. I have never had a girlfriend, but I have had 1 boyfriend over 1 year ago. Although, I have heard that this girl just came out and is into me so I'm excited. I would love to really experiment. I have kissed a girl once before, but we were never attracted to each other, we were just friends. I'm just so happy I can share this with you guys, as I am out to everyone at my school and everyone, except for my parents. So yeah... Just wanted to tell you guys. Y'all just keep being y'all :)
First things first, I am 100% in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Being part of the community myself, I accept everyone for who they are. A bit of backstory, from kindergarten to halfway through seventh grade I went to a strictly roman catholic school. It was fine until middle school, but when I finally did get there, they just shoved religion down our throats all day long and we got a new principal who just hated me. The grading scale was awful so I had all D's and F's in classes and no one really liked me. One day I was talking to my friend and I told her I was going to ask this girl I had met outside of school to this festival. Apperantly, some little kids heard me and my principal comes in the next day and says "A little girl went home crying because of you saying that!" And I was so angry and upset. That's not something to fucking cry about. It's not worth it. And to know that I was in a community where being a certain way would make little kids go home and cry about even though they don't even understand. I was expelled after a few weeks. On my last day my principal called me down, called me a faggot, told me I was going to rot in hell, that God doesn't love me and he never will, and that I would never get an education. I walked out with my head held high, but as soon as I closed the door, I broke down. I am currently in 8th grade at Lutheran school, in a class of 13 (3 special ed kids) and I feel like my life has turned around. Best part is everyone accepts me for who I am. As the bible says: "You are fearfully and wonderfully made." Anyways, I am sick of homophobia, especially against the bisexual community. Being a bisexual girl in 8th grade, I have heard I'm going to hell by multiple people. But to all the homophobes, here you go.

1. Jesus affirmed a gay couple; Matthew 8:5-13

2. The early church welcomed a gay man; Acts 8:26-40

3. David loved Jonathan more than women; 2 Samuel 1:16

4. Jesus said some are born gay; Matthew 9:10-12

" Homosexuality is NOT a disorder, and thus there is no need for a cure."
  -The American Psychological Association

Be mindful that the bible also is against:

Having more than 1 type of plant in your garden

Going to church in the first 2 months after giving birth

Masturbating (And to the people who say they don't do it, they're fucking liars)

Wearing jewelry


Women saying anything in church. Ever.

Eating lobsters


Eating fat




Association with women during their period

Wearing 2 different fabrics

Having short hair

Watching porn or even looking or thinking about a woman lustfully

Ripped clothing

It's just proven that there are more verses that condone homosexuality than those who are against it. It's just simple math. That was for all the homophobic assholes I have and will encounter :)
 A base on Paint because I have no other program..
So before I start, I want to make one thing clear. These are my personal opinions on the matter, please only give constructive criticism.

Leafyishere is a popular youtuber with almost 5 million subscribers. With such a large fanbase, it is not shocking that some drama would happen. Even if you were the perfect human being you would still get a lot of hate. One of the earliest dramas he has been in was the MrBlackDarkness666 video. Now I'm not gonna lie, this shit got pretty intense for one of his first internet dramas. Of course, Keemstar took this as an opportunity to start a huge circle jerk of hate towards him. Thankfully, it got resolved pretty quickly and there wasn't too much hate being sent to each other's channels. But honestly, this was just the fucking beginning. Then there was the drama that went down when Leafy "backstabbed" Keemstar after them being friends for a while. I think that Keemstar is making all this shit up because Leafy has at least twice as many subs, and he has presented more evidence. He actually gave reasons why he did something instead of "he said that she said" or "They did this and they did that." And putting in a little diss at Leafy in your DramaAlert episode is just fucking pathetic really. The amount of effort he put into doing that is insane because it was just sad honestly. If you're reporting the news, you are supposed to be neutral on the subjects you discuss. As you can see by everything that Keem has done, he has a bias on everything. He has also stated and bragged multiple times that "I have more money than you!" Which, first off, that's seriously rude, and second, he actually doesn't... If you look at the number of subscribers and views DramaAlert gets and compare it to Leafy's channel, Leafy actually makes quite a bit more. And there was also the incident with the autistic kid that Leafy made a video on. But he at least made a video apologizing for it, and he seemed pretty sincire. Keem has also made apology videos, but he's made way more than Leafy. And most of his apologies are for falsely accusing people because he couldn't stay neutral and had to scour the internet for information without caring if its real or not. In short, I think all the drama going on with Leafy is just completely unjustified, and at the end of the day, he adds a disclaimer in EVERY VIDEO telling people not to go over and hate on the people he makes videos on. Unlike Keemstar who is a racist fucking garden gnome. So those are my thoughts, and I just needed to get this shit off my chest. Here are some links of the shit Keem has said.                                                                                                                                                                                          Proof "Was Faze in Dallas tonight?"
Basically tomorrow you dress up as your favorite artist. I have chosen Josh Dun and my friends has chosen Jungkook (her bae and bias) and I was gonna go a s rapmon (my bae) but I didn't really have anything that fits him. So I chose my 2nd bae Josh and I will be wearing the eye makeup, fake tattoos, TOP shirt, Converse, MCR wristbands, and a backwards hat. I'm actually pumped for tomorrow and honestly can't wait.


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United States
I am bisexual and single af... That's about it..



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